In its beginnings, JOSAAB Foundation had two main scopes of work. JOSAAB did not only support terminally-ill patients through the Hospice Egypt project but actually began in providing services for both the terminally-ill patients and the premature neonates all over Egypt.


The registration of JOSAAB Foundation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity

The first nongovernmental organization serving terminally ill patients in Egypt was registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, under the license number 7800 for the year 2010.

Collaboration with German Palliative Care and Hospice Associations

Scientific support was provided through German palliative care and hospice associations and the translation of the theory from German into Arabic in means that is suiting the Egyptian culture.


The Beginnings of the Mobile Hospice Services

In July 2011

collaborating with Global Cancer Care and El Hussein Hospital resulted in the referrals of terminally ill patients.

Collaboration with Global Cancer Care- Egypt

A written protocol with Global Cancer Care- Egypt was established and the referrals of terminally ill patients living in Embaba and Al Mounira.


Recruiting the Mobile Hospice Team

During 2012, two medical doctors were recruited as Team Leaders.

Collaboration with El Hussein Hospital

A written protocol with El Hussein Hospital was established and the terminally ill patients are referred with an official medical report issued from the hospital.

Establishing Confidential Online System

An online system was established to document and report all the terminal cases that have been supported.

Geographical expansion, reaching patients in both Cairo and Qalyubia

The Hospice Egypt project has served patients living in Greater Cairo including Giza, Cairo and Qalyubia governorate.

Collaboration with El Haggana Hospital at Kilo 4.5

JOSAAB Foundation collaborated with El Haggana Hospital at kilo 4.5, in order to provide the Hospice Egypt project with qualified nurses trained to support terminally ill patients.


Buying a Land for Building a Stationary Hospice

A land was bought in order to build a stationary hospice. The land is located 49 KM on Cairo-ISmailia Desert Road and is 1500 m2 in area. It is built to receive terminal patients who don't have anyone to care for them.

Collaboration with EL Demerdash Hospital

Collaborating with El Demerdash Hospital and the Hospice Egypt project began receiving referrals from them.

Integrating Caregivers

The Hospice Egypt project integrated caregivers into serving terminally ill patients, they were provided through El Haggana Hospital at Kilo 4.5.

Introducing Social Media

A Facebook page was launched to disseminate the idea and spread awareness about the Hospice Egypt services.


Collaboration with Health Insurance Hospitals

Terminally ill patients were referred from Nasr City Health Insurance Hospital and Al Mokattam Health Insurance Hospital.

Geographical expansion, reaching patients in Sharkia governorate

The Hospice Egypt project served terminal patients living in Sharkia governorate, and thus expanding the provision of mobile hospice services to a fourth governorate.

Documentary Film

A documentary film was made and it is about terminally ill patients receiving Hospice Egypt services.

Construction of the Stationary Hospice building

The ground floor of the stationary hospice building was finished and the construction of the rest of the floors is still in progress.


Furnishing the Stationary Hospice Building

A German technical expert visited the stationary hospice building and supervised in the furnishing of specific equipment that help preserve the dignity and privacy of terminally-ill patients.

Signing a protocol of collaboration with the Egyptian Healthcare Management Society

JOSAAB Foundation signed a protocol of collaboration with the Egyptian Healthcare Management Society, the only entity which represents the union of private health care companies in Egypt.


Gross increase in number of patients by 17% compared to 2016

Increase in the total number of received terminally-ill patients for mobile hospice services compared to last year.

Networking with the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo

JOSAAB Foundation networked with the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo and some of the fundraising activities undertaken in school were directed to supporting the Hospice Egypt project.

International Membership in the World Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA)

JOSAAB Foundation through undertaking the Hospice Egypt project, has proudly become the first Egyptian NGO to gain organizational membership to the World Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA).


Signing a collaborative protocol with Baheya Organization and Hospital

In June of 2019 and in attempts to continuing the fruitful collaboration between the Hospice Egypt project and Baheya Hospital, both entities have agreed to signing a formal protocol to establish and facilitate the flow of referred cases from Baheya hospital in being provided hospice services and to work collaboratively on media coverage with the aims of disseminating the hospice concept and services. In the events of the celebratory meeting that was held,representatives from both parties signed the formal paper respectively Dr. Tandiar Samir, General Manager of the JOSAAB Foundation – Hospice Egypt Project and Engineer MagedHamdy, Baheya Hospital board member.

Extended the Foundation’s activities to reach the sides of Fayoum governorate close to Cairo

Through the constant aim of the Hospice Egypt project to reach and serve the many terminally-ill patients and families in need of hospice services in Egypt, the organization has broadened its reach to cover Fayoum governorate and is now serving terminally-ill patients in 5 different governorates: Cairo, Giza, Qalioubiya, Sharqia and Fayoum.