Patients' Stories

Our patients' stories are true everyday success stories of the Hospice Egypt team's impact on many lives of terminally-ill patients and their families.
Every story is different because every patient is unique in their own way. The Hospice Egypt team gets to know these patients profoundly and tailors the services to best fit their needs.

Hospice Egypt Is Involved in Day to Day Activities

Every day, she managed to go through the manifestation of her illness with patience and gratitude at heart. Sometimes she faced some struggles due to her illiteracy, like her inability to buy her own, medication or know which paperwork or prescription to hand in at the hospital or pharmacy...

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Hospice Egypt Focuses on Fulfilling Patient Wishes

She was socially active and was involved in caring for differently-abled children back when she worked. Now she is retired and feels that she has lost her purpose and her willingness to enjoy her life. Her entire life routine became dominated by hospital visits and conversations with her treating doctor...

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Hospice Egypt is About Leaving Good Memories

She is young and full of life with a lovely voice. Throughout her suffering, she found solace in humor and laughter. She loved music, old black and white movie and being active, cooking in bed and helping her children study...

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Hospice Egypt Helps Patients Keep Their Promises

She, like any other mother, first and foremost has her children on her mind. She continuously thinks about how she can bring joy to their hearts and can guide them throughout their lives. Her youngest son, in the third grade, enjoyed spending time on the computer that his cousin shared with him. Like other children his age, he wished to have his very first own computer...

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Despite to his deteriorating condition, he wished for an recreational day

Despite to his deteriorating condition, he wished for a day to take his children out to visit different historical and religious sites with them...

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Despite being tired, yet she has not ever missed greeting the hospice egypt team with joy and positive energy

Ms Nadia is being periodically visited at her home by Hospice Egypt’s team. Despite being tired, yet she has not ever missed greeting the team with joy and positive energy. As part of the psychological and recreational support offered,

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